Adams Brass Instruments

Crafted through traditional and modern manufacturing techniques

In-House Design
From the receiver to the bell, Adams Custom Brass instruments are developed and manufactured in the Adams factory in the Netherlands for complete control over consistency and quality.

Adams Valve Block and Pistons
Made in the tradition of the legendary Bauerfeind valves, Adams valves are made from stainless steel for fast action and long-lasting durability. All valves begin with hand soldered brass valve ports and are finished on CNC grinding machines to tolerances of .005 mm.

Bell Manufacture
Adams manufactures both one and two pieces bells for the demands of each models. All Custom Series bells are hand hammered in a traditional, time-intensive manner and are hand spun for the correct hardness. Adams develops and manufactures all spinning mandrels in-house to aid in the development in new models.

In-House Finishing
Adams has invested in its own in-house lacquering and silver plating facilities to ensure start to finish production control.

Consistent Wall Thickness Throughout All Conical Parts
Superior tuning and evenness throughout the register are achieved by crafting the bell, lead pipe, and tuning slide from sheet metal through a traditional process of seaming, hand hammering, and finishing by spinning or drawing.